WL Weller Bourbon Whiskey Collection 2022

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WL Weller Bourbon Whiskey Collection
Item Number: WL-Weller-Bourbon-Whiskey Aged-12-years, Weller Antique 107, Weller Special Reserve
Size: 750ML


WL Weller Bourbon Whiskey Collection

William Larue Weller Bourbon Whiskey Collection 3 x 750 MLYou will receive the three bottles listed below Weller 12-Year-Old Bourbon Old Weller Antique 107WL Weller Special Reserve Bourbon WL Weller Special Reserve Bourbon 750 ML Since the year 1849, this famous Hand-Made Bourbon has been a favorite of Connoisseurs.

WL Weller Special Reserve is made with original hand-made sour mash. It is the original wheated bourbon and is a 90 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. WL Weller Special Reserve the Original Wheated Bourbon Whiskey features an exceptionally smooth taste, substituting wheat for rye grain. Bottled at 90 proof, this bourbon stands out with its burnt orange color.

Its softer flavor notes make this bourbon great for sipping or making cocktails.Old Weller Antique 107 Proof Bourbon Whiskey this is a whiskey for memorable occasions. It is a mellow Bourbon being born of pure cascading limestone spring water and rich native grain. It is aged naturally in sweet mountain oak through seven lazy summers of variable Kentucky climate.

This careful aging coupled with bottling at 107 proof produces a unique Bourbon whiskey from W.L. Wellers original recipe. Drink it with appreciation. No better-balanced whiskey of age and proof has been made. A powerful whiskey and a clear representation of the reason Kentucky Straight Bourbon fascinates and impresses whiskey lovers.

At 107 proof, this is not for the faint-hearted the nose is heavy and hot with alcohol. Adding a few drops of spring water helps tone that down. The mouthfeel is dense, full of toffee and honey along with a hint of wheat that brings an element of sweetness into the mix. After a few moments, the developing layers crash over and around one another: cornbread, vanilla, honey, and a touch of floral aroma rounds out the finish with a subtle, lingering but pleasant burn.

Complex and rewarding.WL Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon As part of the wheated bourbon family, this twelve-year-old W.L. Weller is aged far longer than most wheated bourbons. This offering is a smooth, easy-going and balanced offering with a beautiful deep bronze color. Tasting Notes: Aromas of lanolin, almond, creamed corn, and toasty vanilla.

The mid-palate flavor is heavily wheated, layered and moderately sweet. Long, oaky, and intensely smooth finishAwards:2014 Silver Outstanding – International Wine & Spirits Competition2006 Double Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition2005 Silver Medal

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition2005 Silver Medal
  • International Spirits Challenge2004 Silver Medal
  • International Spirits Challenge2003 Gold Medal
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition2003 Gold Medal
  • International Wine & Spirits Competition2003 Silver Medal
  • International Wine & Spirits Competition2003 Bronze Medal
  • International Spirits Challenge2002 Gold Medal
  • International Wine & Spirits Competition2002 Gold Medal
  • International Spirits Challenge2001 Silver Medal
  • San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionReviews:Rating: 93.5Jim Murray’s Whisky BibleThe deep bronze color beautifully reflects the light…high-spirited, lusciously toasty, and animated bouquet that has top-notch Bourbon written all over it; dry, complex, and toasty palate. F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal


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